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My wife and I became members of hightide over 10 years ago after they contacted us via phone offering these so called bargain holidays. We paid a few hundred dollars for a number of vouchers which we rarely used because we found that the rates offered were not competitive.

We did use some of the vouchers for hotels when every now and again there was a deal worth taking, but found that the hotels treated us differently. For instance, they give you the worst rooms available and not all services are offered. Just one example:- a hotel we stayed at did not service our rooms, and as our towels started to get a little smelly after a few days I went to the front desk and asked why our room was not being serviced, they advised that because we got the room for the rate we did, this service would not be provided. When I asked to speak to the manager, he just scoffed at my complaint saying that it would be unfair to other guests if we received the same attention when they had paid the full rates.

I rang Hightide to voice my complaint and they basically said that hotel policies were out of there control. So be prepared to get treated as second rate guests if booking through hightide. I never used all my vouchers as most times I booked through my Qantas membership because I got the rooms for the same or cheaper rate and with no penalty. A few weeks back my wife was again contacted by Hightide and they made all these special deals, of course our first response was NO THANKS, but the operator said things had changed dramatically over the years because hightide had been bought out by a big company that offered access to more hotel chains at much better discounts.

Also we would be treated the same as any other guest. After many questions and reassurances by hightide we were once again talked into a package that cost us $600. A few weeks ago I tried to book my first hotel with the new package we purchased, but found I could not get any service. Tried the online chat, but a pop up always came up saying that chat was currently unavailable and to try again later.

Made several attempts but same problem. Called the hightide number but received a voice message saying that all operators were busy and to leave a message. Left a message with all my contact details, but no one called. Sent an online message, but again no response.

I eventually did get onto an operator via phone after many attempts. I quickly found that all the hotel offers were not in the ball park, I ended up booking through Qantas at a cheaper rate with a fantastic room with city views, this was for the same hotel with Hightide but their offer was for an inferior room. I also found that with many hotels I could get a better deal contacting the Hotel direct. So Basically we wasted $600 with this so called Fantastic unbeatable package.

The service and attention we were promised was not delivered. I have given hightide ample opportunity to reply to my complaints, but they are completely ignored. Have not received one reply. I’m guessing a refund would be impossible so I will have to use my online vouchers the best I can.

But will definitely not be going with hightide again, that I can guarantee. Be aware, anyone thinking of taking up their offers, should shop around and make enquiries as there are plenty of better deals getting around.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Michael4655 stated that there is a room for improvement of no service - bad product. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of hightide holidays deal and associated monetary loss in the amount of $600. Hightide Holidays needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Bought vouchers was told they dont expire. Got a call to tell me my vouchers were expiring.

After much swearing anyelling on my part Im told my original purchase WILL NOT EXPIRE.

Now I need to use em. Wish I could get a refund tho.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1313282

Hightide Holidays sales staff talked at me using high pressure tactics and before I knew what was happening I was talked into upgrading my membership for a cost of $511. This was not the first time I was duped into purchasing holiday vouchers from them as I had fallen for their sales pitch many years previously and found out too late that the product was not as good as what they were making it out to be.

They also acknowledged this fact in their up sell blurb saying that it was now a much better product than the virtually unusable one they had had previously. Given time to think more clearly once I was off the phone, I emailed them straight away and asked them not to process the payment or send out the goods. They went ahead and processed the payment anyway but not until the next day regardless of my request not to. After they received my email to cancel I did get a phone call from them pressuring me once again and telling me that I wouldn't get a refund.

I wrote many emails to them and had no responses. It wasn't until I said I would lodge a complaint with the ACCC and also said that I would demonstrate outside their office door that they mailed me a refund request form. From that point I had to plead my case to receive a refund even though the goods were never sent out and the payment should not have been processed. I asked for written advice in regard to what was going on, all requests fell on deaf ears.

Eventually I got my money back however it took from the 14th March to the 6th April, over 3 weeks of constant requests and much uncertainty as to whether they would return my money to me. This is a most dishonourable and unprofessional company so be very careful if they cold call you.

to Kate Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia #1320117

High tide is a scam. They are nothing more than

You can do better by going direct to hotels, resorts ect. What high tide promise you is a lie.

They tell you that you can book holidays for over 50% off the regular price. I would recommend If they ever call you save your money and hang up in there war.

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